The Wall

A poem I came across

The Wall-

Real life hits like bricks


Gasping through cobwebs and fog

Searching in the thickets of the mind

Elusive like lightning bugs

Flickering in the distance


Rising solar in radiant constance

Moves in grand rapidity

Rambling, running, through the Greeks

Hic et nunc necdum


Reeling at prospect of Finity



In the mist of history

One wonders at the grand divide

In divinity

Truth in being

And death its great falsification

Where does a man lie?

Substantially absent


Obscured personality

In the great fury

Of the Wind


Fire become flame

And the world turns rightside down

When will the whimper come?

Under the gun

The weight of leagues

Slowly squeeze

And fashion Pollock’s frenzy

On the canvas


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