Love Interruption

I want love to walk right up and bite me grab a hold of me and fight me leave me dying on the ground.

And I want love to split my mouth wide open and cover up my ears, and never let me hear a sound.
I want love to, forget that you offended me or how you have defended me, when everybody tore me down.
Yeah I want love to change my friends to enemies, change my friends to enemies and show me how it’s all my fault. -Jack White Love Interruption

The story of narcissus is an old one.  It is about a man so in love with his own image that he died looking at it rather than leave his reflection.  I was thinking about this as I came across the song above (not full text) at a hipster establishment.  My ears perked up at the catchy tune but  quickly I was listening with intently to the lyrics.  I have no idea whether the song is intentionally ironic or if it is about some particular instance in the author’s life.  I am interested to hear comments by anyone who leaves them.

The song is interesting because the singer is at odds with “Love.” Love in his mind is harmful, but paradoxically he appears to want to be harmed.  The singer wants a love that will stand up and fight him into submission.  He wants it to change what is familiar (his friends) into enemies and beat him into submission, clearing out his senses.  It may just be the pastor in me but this is a fascinating view of love.  Wen Jesus says things like “love your enemies” (Lk 6:27), or ” “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. ” (Jn 15:12-13) this is the sort of love he is talking about.  Self-less love is the sort that splits us open and tears out the ego inside us. This does not happen peacefully; there is a violent battle for control, an epic contest of survival.  The question is “who will come out on top?”  When the dust settles and the blood dries will it be me who lives, or someone greater? We resist this sort of change because it means death, and a death of someone we hold rather dear, ourselves.  Generally the chief barrier to God’s work in my life is me; I don’t like being interrupted.  I’d rather continue on my way, regardless of superior alternatives.  I need the love White cries out for, one that will change me into someone who reacts to the people with a greater concern for their hearts rather than narcissism.