Seeing Job

I have been finding that my study of the book of Job has become like a man who looks at brilliant light and thereafter finds a small green spot always in view.  It seems that everywhere I turn I hear people talking about Job without realizing it.  A young man I struck up a conversation with told me that he doesn’t know why bad things happen to good people.  Another friend told me she has been wondering if God is good or if He is causing harm on purpose.  Its strange but the more I read the book the more I realize that people need to be acquainted with Job.  This is not to say that reading the book will answer their questions, far from it.  Rather Job asks the same disquieting questions we do, in Job we experience the solidarity of suffering.  Much the same way we see compassion in Jesus- suffering alongside.  People need to be aware that the bible doesn’t shy away from questions that seem to frighten many evangelicals.  Job allows us to be “inappropriate” before God, to tell him we don’t trust him at the moment, to lay out our emotions that are far from the “Sunday best.”

Its interesting that whenever my books are out i tend to be interrupted by strangers curious about the book.  One young man actually told me that Job was his “favorite religious book.”  Intrigued I told him that this was atypical even for Christians and I asked why he liked it so much.  He told me that though he wasn’t a part of any particular religion he liked job because it seemed “so honest.”  “Job asks the questions of humanity.”  Another person, an elderly woman who self-identified as Jewish, told me that Job was importnat to her


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